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The solution for the working family

Help raise dogs of all ages and breeds.
Help prevent bad habits, such as barking and chewing caused by boredom. Raise levels of confidence and coordination through obedience training.
General health improvement through exercise.
Socializing through exposure to new surroundings, dogs, and people.
Ease the guilt of leaving your dogs alone. Dogs are more balanced when given companionship, exercise, and a stimulating environment.

Formal Obedience Training
Heeling at your side when walking, jogging or biking, sit, down, and stay
ome to you when called

Training Package
Starting at $300.00
The program consists of 5 sessions, one session per week for five weeks, in your home.

The program deals with the five major points of discipline, namely, walking at your side,sitting, staying, down and returning to you when called.

Each session is approximately one hour. Fee is based on complexity of training.
Orientation Meeting
Starting at $150.00
The initial orientation meeting is separate from the five training sessions and, if you book the training package program, it is free, otherwise an orientation session fee applies.

At this session, we set up the training schedule, finalize payment and discuss the training program along with any behavioural issues. Fee is based on complexity of training.
Advanced Training
For more advanced training I would have to see at what level the dog is currently performing.

If you would like to book the program give me a call at 905-524-1454 or email at

Tony Harper will work with you to train your dog!
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