Tony Harper dog obedience dog training. Dog lessons. Website designed by Thomas Bryk and Ollie Duane of Intellex Desings www.intellexdesigns.com four stages of puppy gorwth: 1. NEONATAL - 1 to 13 days - opening of the eyes 2. TRANSITIONAL - 13 to 20 days - opening of the ears. 3. SOCIALIZATION - 20 days to 3 to12 weeks. 4. JUVENILE - 12 weeks to sexual maturity (6 months/one year). day care for dogs Basic Words Used For Various Disciplines: Heel; Sit; Down; Stand; Stay; Come; No; Enough; Easy; Wait; Back; Off. Heeling Figure Eight Sit Sit Stay Down down Stay Recall Recall Finish stand and Stay. private lessons teach your dog in its home environment. If you could have a well behaved dog that greeted your friends on a sit stay without jumping all over them, would walk down the street without dragging you behind or would lie down quietly while you ate your meals, would you be interested in knowing how to accomplish this. By taking an active focused role in the training process you will develop an enjoyable relationship with your companion dog!


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